Natural Based Beauty by Brandie Presents: Natural Based Mascara by Natural Glow Minerals (Natural Concepts LTD)

June 9, 2017


Natural based mascara is unlike anything you have tried before in a few different ways: it's safe, it helps your eyelashes become stronger and longer and it works better then any mainstream "bubblegum" makeup brand I have tried. Most companies that attempt to create "natural" mascara will throw the term "natural" and "organic" around quite loosely and have an ingredient list a mile long with words you can't pronounce. To get your eyelashes to actually grow from using mascara you usually have to seek out a pyramid scheme product that will cost a fortune and doesn't always deliver the promised result. And the most common problem I've had with trying out many natural based cosmetics is that they may be healthier but they just don't work! So I'm writing to you my dear readers to give you the goods on my new best friend that delivers every cornerstone I'm looking for: Natural Glow Minerals, Natural Based Mascara.


Natural Glow Minerals Natural Based Mascara is made right here in the Okanagan by Natural Concepts LTD a Kelowna based company. It is Paraben-fee, gluten-free and mercury free. It helps to build volume, strength and length to your natural lash while also doing a freaking incredible job at lengthening and volumizing better then my mainstream go-to' s and high-end Sephora brands. The ingredient list is short and all ingredients are clearly listed on the front label and all natural based. It's incredibly hard to make natural based mascara and nothing is perfect. Sometimes even natural can be harmful but this ingriedient list ranks extremely low on the hazard scale when compared to the mascara i'm sure most of us spread on our lashes every single day. Yikes.


DId you know what is found in most mainstream mascara brands? Parabens - this is a preservative that actually mimics or disrupts estrogen in the body which has given it a link to breast cancer.  Aluminium Powder - this substance messes with your cellular and metabolic processes in the nervous system and has been said to be "far worse" then mercury. Propylene Glycol - an allergin that can cause severe dermatitis and irritations to the skin and eyes. Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate) - this can actually cause mutations in your genes. I think it's pretty concerning that mascara is 50% of most peoples DAILY makeup routine. That means everyday we are putting these toxic ingriedients right into our eyeballs. Again, it's very hard to make cosmetics that are 100% harmless but lets start choosing our products in a way that is as safe as possible. The list under the label of your mascara bottle is likely a mile long. It's not worth it ladies. Time to get informed. I only use my natural based mascara in my kit now.


In my opinion using this mascara not only benefits you and your health, it also helps local small businesses like mine and Natural Concepts LTD get the word out consumers and keep creating and distributing healthier beauty products. I love the look this mascara gives and I use it every day. The reviews I've had back from clients is always a rave one. You will not be disappointed by this mascara and I consider it the first step in the right direction of making healthier choices as a women. When we are looking at what we coat on our bodies every day it's no wonder us and our children have so many health issues that were never around before. I LOVE makeup and refuse to give it up so the fact that I can continue to indulge in bombshell eyelashes while also treating my body right is a HUGE win win.


Contact me to order yours today or come visit me at the Naramata Farmer's Market in June 14th! This product retails at $20.16 taxes included.








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