Heal your skin with makeup? Say whaaa?

June 19, 2017

As I continue on my journey in natural based beauty products I continue to be blown away at the empowerment that comes from knowledge and understanding.


When I was a teen I struggled with acne. And by struggled I mean I was tormented. I had incredibly horrible cystic acne that seemed unstoppable. After trying every cream, pill, hormone therapy, dermatologist treatments, skin care products and even blue light treatments - I hit a wall. After literal years of horrible skin I walked away with scars, damaged self-image and very bad makeup habits (I wore A LOT of makeup). There is always a bright side and I do credit my passion for makeup from my struggles with acne. I focused on techniques of contouring and highlighting my eyes to draw away from my skin and thus was born my career haha. I ended up taking Acutane which is still a very controversial drug and for me it came with little side effects and cured my acne once and for all. I wish I had the knowledge and understanding I have now as I feel it would have saved me years of anguish.


I was testing endless products and did endless treatments that probably cost my parents thousands of dollars. The one thing that stayed constant through the endless barrage of hopeful solutions was the makeup I was putting on my face. I would not be caught dead without makeup on and it was always the cheapest bubblegum makeup I could get my hands on from the drug store. Everyday I would cake my poor skin in foundation, concealer, primer, powder, and blush. That's JUST what I put on my face not even including the pounds of mascara and eyeliner in my delicate eye area. I think you are getting where I am going with this:


How on earth will my skin clear up if I coat my face everyday in disgusting, agitating and pore clogging makeup? And on that note... how the hell do I leave my house without makeup on if that is the only way my skin can get a break?!


So this brings me to my favorite discovery ever: Natural Glow Minerals Natural Based Foundation/Bronzer/Blush. Heal your skin while STILL wearing makeup. This is not limited to acne, this includes wrinkles, scars, discolouration, age spots and the like. Mineral makeup does NOT go into your pores or clog them. It sits on the surface of your skin so that it can breath. BYE BYE zits! In addition to this amazing feature you can also mist your face with skin toning setting spray that is infused with essential oils that kill the bacteria on your face and allow it to be moist and heal ALL DAY. This foundation also provides NATURAL SPF of 20-30 as the minerals reflect the light. Your foundation, bronzer and blush all allow your skin to breath and to heal while also protecting from aging and sun damage! If your into primer, the natural based primer contains anti-aging ingredients and acts as a moisturizing pore and line filler while setting the minerals in place. This makeup is SO healthy for your skin and no matter what your skin care routine is this makeup switch will benefit your skin even more and allow you to start to change the texture and vitality of your skin. My skin has NEVER looked better!


If you wear makeup everyday or if you want to you have to try out these products. It's hypoallergenic, natural and local made by Natural Concepts LTD right here in Kelowna BC. The foundations/bronzers/blushes retail from $20-$22 a pop and last a good long while. The Primer retails at $18. You can visit me at the Naramata Farmer's Market every Wednesday through the summer or order from me directly online - delivered to your door! Message me with any questions or get me to hook you up with a goody bag of samples and testers!





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