Choosing the perfect makeup look for your wedding.

July 24, 2017

The most common question I ask my brides is: "What is more important, Pinterest Glam Bridal photos or looking/feeling like yourself when your standing across from your fiancé". Either response to this question is great because it gives a lot of clarity to what the bride wants.


When we see those fresh faced "natural" bridal makeup photos on Pinterest it's SO important to remember that a LOT of makeup can go into looking "natural". So when your searching in Pinterest for your perfect "natural" look lets dissect a few things so you know which natural looks will have you feeling like your too done up or too under done.


1. AU NATURAL - the "barely there"


 I would say this perfectly shows a true natural makeup application. She clearly does not have lashes on and has just a touch of warm eyeshadow to bring out the brown in her eyes with some darker shadow or very light liner around the lash line only. Perhaps some brow filling or shaping... Soft lip colour. Good skin care and light foundation with little blush and contouring.



2. AU-LMOST Natural - the "natural but not" look

 While her makeup is non-dramatic and on the more natural side please recognize that a lot of makeup went into this look. The brows have been shaped and filled. There is no dramatic liner in this photo but there is a pop of shimmery and bolder shadows to make the eyes pop. Still not seeing any dramatic lashes. The lips are more glitzy with some deeper colour and shimmer. There is some contouring happening here with drama on the cheek bones but over all a light/glowy/dewy foundation look.


3. the "Nope not Natural but looks "natural" look.

 This is one of the most common photos I get sent from clients wanting to look natural. If you never wear makeup this "natural" look will almost 100% freak you out. If you wear a moderate amount of makeup then your fine. But for my brides that never wear makeup please read on. The foundation is most likely airbrush. To have her skin that perfect probably took a lot of airbrushing and camera airbrushing. Her brows are filled and there is definetly eyeshadow and liner. Her cheeks are defined and rosey, She absoletly has lashes on. This is definetly a gorgeous look 100% and one of my favorites. But it's not always normal for people to see they're skin look so flawless and that can have them feeling like they are way over done in combo with eye makeup and lashes.


In conclusion on the natural front I would say #3 would be my top pick as your photos will look more "bridal" then everyday. But if your truly a never wear makeup gal and your man has never even seen foundation on your face this could leave you feeling a bit out of sorts so best to opt for #1 or #2.


Lets move along and take a look at the other side of the coin.... Bridal Glam!!!


#1 The Ba-ZING

I find this look to be a perfect happy medium between ultra glam and natural. It is honestly my favorite bridal look because it adds the appropriate drama needed for the occasion and for pictures but still keeps it relatively low key. The only thing missing from these pictures is a slightly bolder lip colour. This look is definitely for a gal who loves makeup and wants to pull out all the stops on her big day!


#2 The Glam-bah-lam

 I don't really think this look requires much explanation... This is clearly full bridal glam makeup. This is the works! The Whopper with everything! This is for seasoned vets of makeup. All stops pulled out full glam bridal!



So I hope this blog post helps my brides and friends decide what makeup look will suit them best and make them feel most like themselves. All pictures are from Pinterest and are the most frequently sent to me. So I'm hoping this makes things a bit more clear. Another thing to note is that is takes just as much skill to do totally natural makeup as it does to do ultra glam makeup. So when making your decision don't pick natural to get a deal or think that it requires less effort on the artists part. The best artists will work they're buns off to have you looking picture perfect and fresh as a daisy for those natural looks!!


Thanks everyone! My next blog post will be highlighting the mature bride and the most flattering makeup looks I think suits these beauties for bridal!




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