Bridal Makeup for Mature Brides

August 2, 2017

This is an important post for a lot of reasons. It's incredibly hard to search anything for mature skin and come up with an idea of what kind of makeup look best suits skin that has fine lines and discoloration that comes with aging etc. Mature skin is BEAUTIFUL and aging with grace is one of the most amazing things you can do. But makeup applied incorrectly to aging skin can make it look REALLY REALLY bad. So I'm hoping this post helps my mature clients and brides decide which makeup look is best for they're skin. I've used celebrity pictures off PINTEREST from celebs that claim to have not had any enhancements or surgeries. So if your the bride, mom or the bride or a mature client in general please take a read and let me know what you think.


1. The Julianna Moore

 I love this soft yet sexy look. The skin is glowing and flawless with soft contouring. I love the way her natural freckles blush through and the contouring on her cheekbones give a sexy structure to her face. Eyebrows are lightly filled in and what I'm immediately drawn to is her eyes. This is a big deal. If you have fine lines or discoloration, rather then hammering on the foundation (Because quite a bit is needed to completely even the skin tone) I find a fabulous trick is to hydrate the skin, make it glow with soft coverage that does not settle into fine lines but also does not give 100% coverage but then sneak in there and just make those eyes go BOOM. That is exactly where the eyes will be drawn and no one will be focusing on any imperfections in the skin and you avoid that cakey look. LOVE this look. Her lash line is beautifully outlined and she must have some awesome lashes on! Smokin!


2. The Julia Roberts

To be honest this is going to be a lot like the Julian Moore. Of course Julia Roberts has those incredible sexy lips that you can't take your eyes off but it helps me keep making a good point. If you want eyes drawn away from fine lines or aging skin, make your eyes or lips be the main attraction. What I love about photos of Julia Roberts is the light and glowyness of her skin. I'm sure a majority of her photos are retouched to smooth out lines but I think it's so important for againg skin to be hydrated and made to glow - wrinkles or not. The eyes are kicked up a notch in this photo to give a very sexy sultry smokey eyed look yet it's very cleaned up and mature. I LOVE the Julia Roberts look and I think it's perfect for any occasion. I love the natural lash of this look as well. Very classy.


 3. The Michelle Phfifer

 I LOVE this look for so many reasons. This photo clearly has not been retouched to smooth out fine lines, yet she looks sexy as hell. The skin is hydrated and glowing, we can see she has wrinkles and fine lines but unless you get up close to search, all I see is a big sexy smile and popping eyes. I love that she has a very suddle outline to her lashes and a natural lash going on. I love the softness to the tones of her lip colour and makeup! This is one sexy lady. And if she can teach us aging ladies anything it's to SMILE! No makeup in the world can do what a smile can do! If your going to an event and want people to focus on those eyes and lips and not be drawn to any harsh "angry" lines... Smile!!!!! For real!


4. The Meryl Streep

 I'm a huge fan of Meryl and not just for her talent but for the way she just rocks her aging beauty. What a bombshell. Her skin is hydrated and well cared for - we see the wrinkles - but some light coverage and cheekbone definition and she looks glowing and healthy. The eyes are suddle but impactful with a bolder line and natural lash. I love how gorgeous her brows are! Take care of your brows if it's not too late (like it is for me lol). The brows are barley filled in and look SO natural and real. This is such a cleaned up and healthy look I just love it, The only thing I would change for an occasion is perhaps a bit more colour to the lips but that leads me to our next and final leading lady.


5. The Helen Miren


Ummm.. Hello!!! Can I look this sexy at her age? Her skin, again, is clearly not flawless - I see the wrinkles etc but it's not what I'm drawn to at all. Her skin GLOWS. I love the colour in her cheeks, the bronzed sun kissed skin, the hydration to the skin. Her daring smokey eye is absolutly killer, including the natural lashes... she even is rocking out a suddle, shimmery eye shadow!!! and those bold lips are blowing me away. This is a great contrast to the above Meryl picture for all those mature ladies who want some freakin glam! Helen pulls this look off over and over.


So I hope this post was helpful to some. It helps me to connect with my clients so we can make sure we are on the same page.


In conclusion if you have againg skin... Please exfoliate, hydrate hydrate hydrate, It will put the glow in your skin that looks sexy and healthy no matter how many wrinkles your have. Wear those wrinkles with pride! Discoloration is no big deal with some light mineral makeup and some blushed cheekbones! It's natural and it's beautiful. Don't sacrifice a glowing healthy complexction for a full coverage cakey line filling mess! False lashes, smokey eye or a bold lip are great ways to drawn attention away from again skin! Rock it girl, your beautiful!!




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